Welcome to Plantation Pickleball!  

Our purpose is to promote the game of Pickleball, to provide for organization of Pickleball activities here at the Plantation, and to assist players in the promotion and instruction of the game.  

Sign up NOW for Winter League.  Sign-up ends on October 13th.  See your email for the signup link.

Pickleball classes for the 2023/2024 season will begin on Nov 2 at Ashley courts at 4:00 PM. This season we will be holding a 4-week DRILLS CLASS each month for 2.5+ skill levels who have good ground strokes and are ready to up their game through intensive drills.

If you are not sure of your rating a free skill assessment will be offered to PPA members on October 26 at Ashley courts. There will be two time slots available; 4:00 and 5:30. Each time slot will accommodate 4 players. Or you may self-assess at https://usapickleball.org/tournaments/tournament-player-ratings/player-skill-rating-definitions/.

Email signups for the November DRILLS CLASS and SKILL ASSESSMENT will be emailed mid September.

  See below for the weekly drill schedule.

Any questions, please text Wally Gunter at 407-705-7148

UPCOMING EVENTS- Mark your calendars:

Winter League begins 10/25/23

Annual Membership meeting 11/10/23


Drill Schedule:

Week 1: Serve and Return Drills. Precision serves and precision returns.

Week 2: 3rd shot Drop and Drives Drill. Consistent drops and when to do them.

Week 3: Dinking Drills and Lobs. Precision dinking/lobs/reset.

Week 4: Block/Volley Shots. Dealing with attacks and drives. How to attack/defend.

Pickleball Lessons for all Skill Levels:

If you want to learn how to play pickleball or are a beginner, please reach out to:

PPA Board Meetings:

The first Tuesday of every month.  The Manor, Room 209, 3:30PM

Open to all members

of the MONTH


Rich Cowley

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Membership in the Pickleball Association is available to any resident of The Plantation. Association membership is required for participation in association activities such as leagues, tournaments, and social events. Lessons are provided free to both members and prospective members. The association provides balls for each of the courts.

To become a member of the Plantation Pickleball Association, please submit a check to the Treasurer or any Board Member for the current year made out to "The Plantation Pickleball Association" or "PPA". All members must have a completed/signed waiver on file with the PPA. You may download the waiver and give to any Board Member or Manager. 

Membership Application

Waiver and Release Form

Life Member: The year in which a member reaches 90, the member is eligible to become a Life Member and their dues will be waived.  Please notify any Board Member to access this benefit.